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    1. Use of the cloakroom is at the risk of the user. The Civil Code relating to “custody” does not apply to agreements between Labyrinth and users of the cloakroom.

    2. Usage of the cloakroom carries a fixed price of £3,- per item, to be paid in advance. Items accepted are limited to coats, jackets, small bags, helmets and umbrellas. These or similar items are not to be taken into the venue, except for handbags. Items with a value of £50 or higher, including their content, should not be handed in to the cloakroom. The cloakroom assumes no liability for damage or loss of any items.

    3. Labyrinth is entitled to check the contents of all items. Labyrinth reserves the right to refuse custody of very valuable, large or unusual items or items with a (possibly) prohibited, dangerous or questionable content. User shall indemnify labyrinth for damage caused by the (contents of) the user during the safekeeping of items.

    4. One receipt will be given per item deposited. Return of items will only be possible upon presentation of this receipt to a cloakroom assistant of Labyrinth. The same applies to the temporary return of items. In the latter a new receipt will be issued against payment of £3 per item.

    5. If you lose the receipt Labyrinth will endeavour after closing or at the end of the event to find the item. If no receipt can be shown, Labyrinth is in no way responsible for the consequences. We recommend taking a photo of the cloakroom ticket to ensure that if it is lost then we can assist in getting your item back to you quicker.

    6. Labyrinth will make every effort to take care of all items in their custody and to return items safely & promptly. Labyrinth however cannot guarantee that all items at all times will always be returned undamaged.

    7. Labyrinth is not liable for damages to the items stored, except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence of the company or its employees. Liability for indirect or consequential damages is excluded. The liability of Labyrinth is always limited to null per deposited item, including its contents

    8. After a period of 14 days, any unclaimed items shall become the property of Labyrinth, they will be disposed of accordingly. Items such as identification shall e returned to the relevant agencies. management’s decision is final.